Ye Olde Irish: The Sippin’ 5 Sips to Stock for St. Pattys Day


Once more, we here at CitySip hit our local wine store, Winfield & Flynn for their top recommendations on what to drink this weekend for St. Patricks Day. Thirsting to get a taste of ye olde Irish without hitting a crowded pub or putting on your party costume green? Then, hit Winfield & Flynn for your dose of vert and get sippin’:

Crafted in Ireland in conjunction with Cooley Distillery, the artisan whiskey has been years in the making, a true labor of love and a salute to the drams Irish heritage.

What makes it different: Concannon Irish Whiskey is a refined blend of malt Irish whiskey and grain Irish whiskey created by master blender Noel Sweeney. Double distilled for proper balance, character and purity, the whiskey is then matured in barrels for at least four years. What sets Concannon Irish Whiskey apart is that we age it in former Concannon wine barrels in addition to traditional ex-bourbon barrels! This unique step lends extra fruity notes to the final blend.

How it tastes: Our new Concannon Irish Whiskey is a unique beverage with aromas and flavors all its own. It offers classic notes of sweet honey, citrus, malt, caramel and golden raisin. Thanks to years spent gently resting in barrels through Ireland’s cool summers and mild winters, it also boasts enticing flavors of oak and vanilla. Traditionally, fine Irish whiskey is enjoyed neat or on the rocks. However, we’ve also discovered that Concannon Irish Whiskey can be used to craft a wide array of delicious cocktails. We’ll be sharing recipes in the weeks to come, so stay tuned!

Bushmills Black Bush Irish Whisky

This is considered the classic malty Irish blend. It is matured in carefully selected Oloroso sherry casks. It is blended with elegant grain whiskey and can be aged up to 11 years. Black Bush’s racy bouquet offers aromas of toffee, cotton candy, malt mash and cream highlight. Palate entry is deep, dark caramel-like and stunningly luscious. Simply one of the greatest whiskeys from Ireland.

Jameson Select Reserve Black Barrel

Jameson Select Reserve Black Barrel is a limited edition release that is expertly crafted from two types of whiskey – first, a blend of malted and unmalted barley is distilled in pot stills and then aged in used sherry casks. It is then blended with rare, small batch grain whiskey which has been matured in deep-charred ex-bourbon barrels from Wild Turkey. The sherry casks impart subtly sweet flavors of roasted almonds, which is beautifully balanced by notes of vanilla, toasted wood and peppery spice from the bourbon barrels.

Connermara peated Irish Whiskey

Connemara is a peated, single-malt Irish whiskey. It is distilled in a traditional pot still using malted barley dried over a peat fire. The peat imbues Connemara with an intriguing smoky edge and flavor that is decidedly reminiscent of an Islay single malt.


Marie Brizard Creme de Menthe Green Liqueur

For some spirited fun, pick up Marie Brizard Creme de Menthe Green Liqueur. The taste, the colour and the scent of this vert hued cream evoke the peaceful French and English countryside where the mint selected by Marie Brizard comes from. The burning meets icy sensations are an acquired taste. This ones for all of the adventurous leprechauns out there.

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