That’s Hot: The Sippin’ 5 Sizzling Cocktails in NYC

That’s Hot: The Sippin’ 5 Sizzling Cocktails in NYC

in the heels of our pre-Valentines Day ‘Like It Hot’ event last week at The Pierre Hotel, we just can’t get enough of hot cocktails, particularly ultra toasty tipples. So, we set out on the streets of New York as the snow was starting to flurry this weekend to sample some of the tastiest Toddys and other hot concoctions around. Here are the favorites, from what we found.

Lani Kai

You might not be able to fork out the dough for a flight to Hawaii in the height of winter but you can certainly pretend you’re in paradise at Lani Kai, a polynesian cocktail den in the heart of Soho. My personal home away from home, pays homage to breezy tradewind nights by serving up their Spiced Rum, a cozy blend of spiced Dmerara Rum, spiced Aged Rum, Hawaiian honey syrup, spiced butter, hot water and freshly ground nutmeg. This house-made treat is the perfect escape to boozy and stirred paradise.


If you’re seeking a warm, spiked serving quick or on-the-go, then pop by Maharlika Filipino Moderno and ask for a Warm Gin Shot. This toasty sip is served with a side of house-made vinegar as a chaser. It’s not particularly hot in temp, but it sure does leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy after upon first shot. Take two!

Rum House

Rum Houses selection of Toddys was perhaps most impressive. Choose from a total of five. Our favorite? The stiff and toasty, Scotch Toddy which mixes together Auchentoshen Bordeaux Cask, fresh lemon juice, honey water, cloves, cinnamon and boiling hot water.  A hot bracer is there ever was one.


Not only an ideal ‘under-ground’, exclusive escape for when temps drop below, low but also as cocktail progressive as it gets. The Pumpkin Pie is the latest toasty tipple to appear on the evolving menu here which incorporates Santa Theresa 1796 Rum, Pierre Ferrand Cognac, All Spice Liqueur, Demerara syrup, egg white, organic pumpkin puree, half and half and grated cinnamon. Need we say more about this decadent and served warm sip? Delish!

Two E Bar & Lounge at The Pierre Hotel

Though we at CitySip brought the warm cocktails to our party last week at The Pierre, they have a sturdy selection of sizzling cocktails to choose from on any given day of winter. The Mayan is muy bien, made of Ilegal Mezcal that’s infused with Habanero then blended together with Grand Manier, cinnamon syrup and hot chocolate. The Stolen Moment is made for dram lovers and concocted with Black Bushmill Irish Whisky, Averna, home-made Guiness cordial and chilled hot chocolate. While, the Northern Expedition offers an unexpected hot escape in the form of Pisco infused with fresh lemon curd, limoncello, white hot chocolate and lemon custard. Two E Bar & Lounge is a top spot for an over-the-top toasty tipple selection.


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