Sweet Stuff! Cent’Anni Syrups

Still in a sappy, sweet mood from Valentines Day? We certainly are which prompts us to tell you about Cent’Anni syrups. Our great City by the Bay based friend, Victoria D’Amato launched the spirit line a little over six years ago in her very own kitchen starting with a spicy Jalapeno syrup that was crafted by complete accident!

“A light wind came through my window and three peppers that were sitting on a cutting board rolled into the fire of my stove top which was turned on, I screamed Roasted Jalapeno Syrup!” That day, the idea was sparked to start Cent’Anni syrups.

“I quickly entered the competition circuit to promote my products,” said D’Amato. And, in her first tequila cocktail competition, she earned first place. Chocolate Chilli Spice syrup was the next product added to her line followed by Strawberry Rhubarb, Spiced Lemon and our favorite, the Candy Cap Mushroom which boasts an amazing scent of maple combined with the earthy taste of mushroom.

And, in line with California’s organic first, local whenever possible approach, all of the Cent’Anni syrups are natural, organic and home-made.

Enjoy at just $15 a pop. For more information visit www.centannicocktails.net or e-mail Victoria herself at centannicocktails@gmail.com.

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