Online Platform for Drinks Industry Hits the Spirited Spot

New’ish, across the pond, Amsterdam born and bred site, Barchaeology launched last Fall. The online platform was designed by bartenders with the simple mission to connect members of the drink industry to the general public. Because interest between both groups is different, the Barchaeology crew then decided to create a closed network for bartenders ( and an open site for non-industry enthusiasts and aficionados (

The closed network in particular fills a vast chasm in online bartender information by bringing aspects of the industry together and creating a single point where bartenders can not only find information but learn, share and develop a personal network. Think Facebook meets LinkedIn for the spirits industry!

Barchaeology’s features include tasting notes from all spirit categories, classic and modern recipes which the user can select to compile a cocktail book of personal favorites, a city guide relieving the user of spirit navigating in a foreign land and the Coolwall, which allows bartenders around the world to rate products on perception and quality.

The open network on the other hand is a playground for members of the public to learn how to make drinks with a professional touch and learn about unique bars from across the globe. It also includes information about of-the-moment hot bars and bartenders.

Founded by Federico Fusco, Andrew Nicholls (who also does the cocktail TV thing), Remco Babay, Misja Vorstermans and Fjalar Goud, five friends with a passion for the spirits industry, striving to share their love of all-things-cocktail with the world. Founding member, Federico Fusco says, “Until now, there simply hasn’t been a platform on the web that combines all aspects of the global drinks industry.” Remco Babay, another of the founding crew said, “Think of it as a Facebook on steroids, but only for the bar industry. Pretty sensational huh?”

CitySip concurs. Super spirited, exciting stuff! Bartenders join up! And, CitySip consumer friends..we approve!

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