Love in Los Angeles: Valentine’s Day To Dos

This Tuesday the masses will flock to overpriced, pre-fixe candlelight dinners, or bicker with their loved ones in the doomed isles of IKEA until they inevitably break up– 30 Rock, anyone? But you’ve been there, done that and are looking to mix things up when the holiday that men love most rolls around: Valentine’s Day. Say no to the barrage of advertisements that make the wives and girlfriends salivate…chocolate, Zale’s commercials, roses, Lexus commercials… You’re much too creative (and rent is due in a couple weeks) to give in to such folly. This year the great people of the bar community in Los Angeles have come up with some alternative ways to celebrate (or hate on) love.

Make up for that lame prom experience you had in High School

Prom for adults is a way cooler experience, anyway. For the second year in a row, Big Bar is hosting a prom and the theme is “Midnight in Paris.” Complete with a Punch Garden, hor d’oeuvres, a caricature artist in the kissing/romance Artist Alley, a make-your-own-cocktail setup (partnering with Miracle Mile Bitters), mimes and accordions, French singers, a cheesy and “magnifique” prom picture station and of course, a 17-foot Eiffel Tower. While all of these elements are key for the perfect prom night, it wouldn’t be complete without dubbing a Prom King and Queen. There will be a judges panel voting for the winning couple, who will be whisked away by a romantic horse and carriage at the end of the night. Hosted by Eugene Lee and Dan Long of Big Bar, they’ve invited Aidan Demarest of Neat to return as MC. Long has also put together a hot mix of love potions to be served all night. The event runs from 7 p.m. to midnight. Check out Big Bar on Facebook for more information.

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