flipflop Wines & Rum

Last Friday CitySip got seriously SWAG’ed by the crew over at flipflop wines & rum too. The fun, theme-friendly wine company sent us 11 varietals to sip through along with their newly debuted rum! Joining the Riesling, Pinot Grigio, Merlot, Cab Sauv and Moscato are six new varietals which include Malbec, Sauvignon Blanc, Sweet Red, Bubbly Chardonnay, Bubbly Moscato and Bubbly Pinot Grigio! Moderately priced and perfect for parties we’re proud to announce that flipflop wines will be served at several of our spirited parties this Spring and Summer. The wines are actually very good and well balanced yet with a name like flipflop, not too stuffy or serious.

Since flipflop wines’ launch in January 2011, the brand has quickly become one of the fastest growing wine brands on the market. No surprise as their parent company, Underdog Wines also bred successors like Cupcake, FishEye and Big House. Casual drinkers will certainly appreciate the well-balanced flavors and unique characteristics of the wine. For instance, on the back of every label, there’s a brief description of the wine characteristics and perfect pairing options. “Light-bodied, aromatic with exuberant grapefruit and keylime notes with a zesty, refreshing finish. Citrus notes pair well with fish tacos, spinach dip or artichoke mushroom lasagna,” says the back of the Sauv Blanc along with a handy dry to sweet barometer. In one word, these wines are fun!

As flipflop wines approaches its second birthday, it will continue a charitable partnership with Soles4Souls, the international shoe charity. Proceeds from the sale of flipflop wines will continue to benefit Soles4Souls. In addition to its own contributions, flipflop has spread awareness of the charity through programs like the “flippin’ good deeds Challenge” and the “Give the Gift of Giving” Sweepstakes.

Cheers to flipflop. CitySippers in around the New York area will get to enjoy them at upcoming CitySip Events starting with Monday Brunch at Maharlika today 3.26.12 from 1-4p.m. Let’s toast to that!

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