Letter From the Editor

CITYSIP.COM was conceived on a beach in Hawaii following one of the biggest parties of the year — the opening celebration of the Waikiki Edition Hotel — the boutique brainchild born between namesake hoteliers, Ian Schrager and Bill Marriott. The cutting-edge soon-to-be hot mini-chain has unveiled a new era for not only O’ahu but for the future of concept hotels.

Where’s the sip aspect of this story, you ask? Well, besides the debut of impossibly chic décor, a strikingly all-around cool vibe and forward-thinking design, Edition’s bar venues are the glue that will hold the boutique hotel together over time. Four charmingly unique drink venues with creative, complimenting cocktail lists to boot are in part what inspired citysip.com. At the launch fete, guests got to taste a slew of the tastiest cocktails found in all four venues; from the foam-friendly Deconstructed Mai Tai to the Aperol Spritz apertif. The Waikiki Edition’s cocktail program defies the stereotypical tiki-vibe in favor of a sophisticated, forward-thinking sip.

Just as there’s a new era of concept hotels, there’s also one for spirits. Globally, we’re enjoying a renaissance and celebration of cocktail culture. And, although Hawaii is assumed a tiki drink-filled hub, we’re actually joining the gamut of metropolitan cities with modern mixology approaches. Our fresh, island ingredients certainly don’t hurt our reputation on the rise. We at citysip.com strive to document cocktail culture’s grand resurgence by providing you, our valued readers with the best of daily spirited “happs” from libation-loving cities.
Our mission is clear and simple, yet multi-faceted like a layered cocktail. First, we hope to make the art of cocktail culture approachable to everyone. Whether you’re a spirits die-hard, affluent aficionado or an inquisitive novice, we will deliver up-to-date information to expand your cocktail culture repertoire. Two, we strive to be a sound source of legitimate industry information and tackle this by continual communication with top bartenders, mixologists and brand ambassadors in all major US cities. These experts also have a platform each and every Friday to share their inside-the-industry voice with readers. And finally, we plan to debunk the age-old myth that spirits translate solely to nightlife, dark bars and dare we say it, the token lush. Cocktails like wine are oh-so fine and can contribute to a well-rounded lifestyle.
Welcome to the Golden Age of cocktail culture! Whether your own personal passion was sparked from a spirited event as mine was, a spot-on pairing dinner or the glamorous drinking referenced on “Mad Men”, the cocktail’s global resurgence is on the rise. Join us again Monday, December 6th for our first spirited scoop edition. Until then, dear reader, Happy Sippin’!

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